Jan 29, 2009

Objectivist Roundup

Welcome to the January 29, 2009 Objectivist Roundup!

Objectivism is the philosophy created by Ayn Rand (1905-1982). She described it as a "philosophy for living on earth." For the five branches of that philosophy, the foundational ideas are: objective reality (metaphysics); reason (epistemology); self-interest (ethics); capitalism (politics); and romantic-realism in art (esthetics).

For the events of Ayn Rand's life, read Jeff Britting, Ayn Rand, 2004. For her philosophical thoughts, with leads to individual writings, peruse The Ayn Rand Lexicon, editor Harry Binswanger. Unique among primary philosophers, Ayn Rand not only wrote technical philosophical works (such as Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology), but she was also a best-selling fiction writer showing her philosophy in action--for example, in her novels, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. (The Ayn Rand Bookstore carries all of her works.)

This Objectivist Roundup includes the following articles written by supporters of Objectivism:

Kendall Justiniano presents What Really Caused China's Success? posted at The Crucible & Column, saying, "The short answer: property rights (where they were granted and protected). Detailed analysis of factors in China's rise."

Khartoum presents Some Of My Insights -- Concept-Formation. posted at Philosophy, Law and Life, saying, "Here are some of my notes from Greg Perkin's Objectivism Seminar."

Ari Armstrong presents Barack Obama and the Politics of Cynicism posted at FreeColorado.com, saying, "In his inauguration address, Barack Obama claimed that the advocates of free markets are cynics. He instead wants the federal government to monitor and control markets with its Watchful Eye. But his is the truly cynical position."

Roberto Sarrionandia presents Libertarians vs Property posted at Tito's Blog, saying, "How the libertarian movement would dispose of your right to property, and thus disregard your right to life."

Ryan Puzycki presents By Government Fiat Alone posted at The Undercurrent, saying, "Fiat wants US taxpayers to guarantee its investment in Chrysler - an investment it deems too risky to make with its own money. Only a government that has abandoned the protection of property rights would sacrifice productive individuals' wealth to the black hole of the auto lobby in Detroit."

K. M. presents Political systems and success posted at Applying philosophy to life, saying, "A post that attempts to answer the question "Is it possible for an ideology that is inferior from a moral standpoint to actually succeed in history?""

Stephen Bourque presents Notes On Barack Obama's Inaugural Address posted at One Reality, saying, "In the same sentence, President Obama manages to placate the right by mentioning God, the left by hinting that everyone will get an equal piece of a collective pie, and even the freedom lovers (where we may still be found), by referring to the Declaration's "pursuit of happiness.""

Rational Jenn presents Positive Discipline And The Trader Principle posted at Rational Jenn, saying, "I talk about how Positive Discipline helps me reinforce The Trader Principle with my children."

Daniel presents Amélie and Philosophy, 5 posted at The Nearby Pen, saying, "This is the second to last post in my series on the movie Amelie. Here I show why the theme of the movie is "the need to face reality (or one's fears) in order to attain happiness" and most definitely not that "one achieves happiness by doing good things for others"."

Diana Hsieh presents Activism: Time to Up Your Game? posted at NoodleFood, saying, "It's not hard to become an effective activist for Objectivist ideas -- if you follow Paul's good example."

C. August presents Inside the Belly of the Beast: Do Policymakers Listen to Pundits? posted at Titanic Deck Chairs, saying, "Of policy wonks, pundits, and a possible pathway to Objectivism's penetration in Washington."

Tom Stelene presents How Religion Insults Us and We Don't Even Know It posted at The Imaginary Philosophy, saying, "People are often confronted by religionists saying, "you should live like/think like/be like/do like so-and-so in the Bible." Why are people not immensely insulted by such exhortations?"

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