Feb 26, 2009

Objectivist Roundup

Welcome to the February 26, 2009 Objectivist Roundup!

Objectivism is the philosophy created by Ayn Rand (1905-1982). She described it as a "philosophy for living on earth." For the five branches of that philosophy, the foundational ideas are: objective reality (metaphysics); reason (epistemology); self-interest (ethics); capitalism (politics); and romantic-realism in art (esthetics).

For the events of Ayn Rand's life, read Jeff Britting, Ayn Rand, 2004. For her philosophical thoughts, with leads to individual writings, peruse The Ayn Rand Lexicon, editor Harry Binswanger. Unique among primary philosophers, Ayn Rand not only wrote technical philosophical works (such as Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology), but she was also a best-selling fiction writer showing her philosophy in action--for example, in her novels, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. (The Ayn Rand Bookstore carries all of her works.)

This Roundup includes the following articles written by supporters of Objectivism:

Kendall J presents Inflation Temptation posted at simply Capitalism. "When economists start claiming that a little inflation is good for the economy, watch out!"

Miranda Barzey presents My Visit to Obamaland posted at Ramen & Rand.

Ryan Krause presents How Capitalist Capital Markets Should Work posted at The Money Speech.

Roberto Sarrionandia presents Empathy with Maniacs posted at Tito's Blog. "Britain's suicide strategy for extremism."

Benjamin Skipper presents Socratic Questions about the Israel-Gaza Conflict posted at Benpercent. "This essay examines three questions about the Israel-Gaza conflict that should have been given public debate, but instead have been left to cultural defaults."

Stephen Bourque presents Penn and Teller Explain Sleight of Hand posted at One Reality. "Up to now, I’ve been regarding the government’s activities to be the result of serious economic thinking. However, if one views all this as mere theatre, a sort of grotesque and fascinating vaudeville act, it renders it comprehensible."

Gus Van Horn presents Welfare and Borderline Cases posted at Gus Van Horn. "[A] borderline case in the realm of lending standards ... [is] being used to obliterate a black-and-white moral objection to a government policy of theft and passing out stolen goods."

J. Brian Phillips presents My Virtual Platform: Taxes posted at Houston Property Rights. "Most people complain that taxes are too high. I would agree. The reason that taxes are too high is because government attempts to do too many things, most are which are outside of its proper and legitimate sphere."

Ari Armstrong presents 9News Covers 'Low-Carb Food Stamp Diet' posted at FreeColorado.com. "Denver's NBC affiliate covered my "Low-Carb Food Stamp Diet.""

Michael Labeit presents On the Epistemological and Ethical Superiority of Capitalism posted at Philosophical Mortician. "Learn how a system discovered by rationality in turn positively reinforces further rationality."

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Rational Jenn said...

Thank you very much for hosting the carnival! It looks great!

Roberto 'Tito' Sarrionandia said...

Thanks for hosting the Roundup! Some good ones this week.